středa 3. února 2016

BW-LY5 battery charging indicator

I bought this (BW-LY5, aca BW-LYLCD) indicator on Ebay for $7 USD including shipping. From the description, I've had no idea about its function.

After it was delivered, I connected it to an adjustable voltage power source and recorded the following video:

Then I searched a little bit and found this user manual, which explains it  all.

3 komentáře:

  1. Hi Tomas,
    Thank you for your video. Have you tried the buzzer option? (alarm function). I have tried, soldering a buzzer at its place, but I don't get any alarm when the battery is under 5%. Do you have any recommendation?

    1. Did you sold an active or passive buzzer? Did you solve it?

  2. Hi, the manual says: "buzzer alarm function (optional function, default no);".
    The question is - what they mean by "default no"? If it does not work for you, then probably it is not enabled in the firmware. The manual does not explain how to enable it, so may be there is no way to enable the buzzer in current firmware version.
    Unfortunatelly, the (probable) manufacturer has no web site or email published, only phone number: